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“You’re About To Discover 7 Secrets Most People Will NEVER Know About Real Estate Investing !”

In this 7 module mini e-course you’ll get 7 daily doses of MIND-BLOWING wholesaling education on..

  • Attitude: The Mind of a Millionaire Real Estate Wholesaler
  • The Basics: Why Wholesaling Rules & Everything Else Sucks
  • Marketing: A Wholesaler’s Specialty is Finding Leads
  • Contracting on Property: The Art of the Steal
  • Selling Contracts: The Easy Part
  • Obstacles & Deal Killers: Knowing is Half the Battle
  • Hard Money?: The Low Down on Hard Money Lenders

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What Are Wholesaling Lease Options?

You’re familiar with “wholesaling” real estate, right? It’s your basic quick-flip, where you find a really great property deal, match it up with an investor-buyer, and mark it up a little and then flip it to them for a...

Wholesalers: Why You Should Always Get an Offer

Have you ever put your all into spotting a solid wholesale deal, estimated the after repair value, negotiated a solid deal with the seller, and even piqued your investor-buyers interests enough to have them walk through the house – only to watch...

“New Economy” Wholesalers: 3 Must-Do’s

The last four to five years have brought so much change in the real estate market and economy, that many folks are feeling almost paralyzed in their real estate investing business. Are you familiar with Spencer Johnson’s timeless parable Who...

Wholesalers: How to Make More by Pricing Less

Profitable wholesalers are made, not born. If your wholesale deals don’t have investors lining up like high school guys trying to get a date with the cutest girl in school, maybe it’s time you rethink a few things. Let’s talk about one… Recently...

House Flipping

Cutting Edge Real Estate Marketing Strategies

When you are really selling real estate, it is important to have a clear idea about what you are selling and how you should be going about it. The first thing you need to do is to apply a few strategies which would help get the job done, and in the most effective way possible. It...

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In this 7 module mini-course you’ll get 7 daily doses of mind-blowing wholesaling education on..

  • The Basics: Why Wholesaling Rules & Everything Else Sucks
  • Contracting on Property: The Art of the Steal
  • Selling Contracts: The Easy Part
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